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A sparrow stood at my window (Palestine)

Classé dans : Articles — 6 août 2014 @ 19 h 17 min

A sparrow stood at my window.
And said “Oh, little one.
Hide me with you
I beg you.”
I said, “Where are you from?”
“From the limits of the sky,” he said.
I said “Where did you come from?”
“From the neighbor’s house” he answered.
I said, “What are you afraid of?”
“I escaped from the cage”, he said
I said “What are your feathers?”
“Fate took care of them,” he said.
A tear fell on his cheek.
His wings tucked underneath him, 
He landed on the ground and said
“I want to walk, but I can’t.”
I held him to my heart,
Hurting from his wounds
Before he finally broke out of his jail
He broke his voice and his wings
I said, “Do not fear,
See the sun rising?”
He looked toward the forest
Saw the tides of freedom glitter,
He saw wings flutter
Beyond the high gates.
He saw the forest flying.
On the wings of freedom.

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